In today’s ever-changing and unpredictable economic environment, businesses which are built on solid foundations and have a sound growth strategy will have the cutting edge in the market place.

AT TPC we make it our function to understand the needs of your business and the context in which it operates, and our specialised knowledge and expertise provide objective advice and execution to ensure that you make smart business decisions and help preserve and improve your business value.

Our tailored range of accounting assist our clients who come in various shapes and sizes from diverse industries and each has varied needs.

One of the decisive business success factors is managing cash flow and requires a mass of administrative and repetitive tasks that divert your focus and are time-consuming.

Why not outsource this everyday but essential function?

It will be handled with expertise, care and reliability by our Corporate experts. At TPC we undertake all forms of accounting and record keeping, and you can rest assured that your records will be maintained accurately and timeously.


Our reputation for quality and integrity lends credibility and reliability to our client's financial information, and keeping you on top of industry trends.

Our Services include:

·       Processing of accounting records

·       Payroll processing

·       Preparation of Monthly management accounts

·       Preparation and Submission of Paye, Vat, Income Tax and other statutory returns

·       Preparation of Annual financial statements; and

·       Audit readiness preparation for clients